Jesus Sends Moms on Mission, Too

Jesus sends moms on mission. Motherhood will have its different seasons, but the role as ambassador is always the same. Find out more.

What if Jesus Had Not Given the Great Commission?

Why is the Great Commission (Mt. 28:18-20) so noticeably absent from Acts and the apostolic letters? Would the Church still be responsible to go if she did not have the Great Commission? Would we still be experiencing the wave of churches in the West becoming passionate about God’s glory among all the nations that we currently are?

[podcast #03] Meeting Jesus

This podcast was recorded live at Verge 2014. Listen as Jamie Ivey and Fabienne Harford share their stories of the first time their eyes locked with Jesus and began to follow him.

[podcast #01] Jesus is Better

What does it practically look like to believe Jesus is better than your job, better than your friends, better than your family? Listen as Jamie Ivey and Fabienne Harford reflect on the opening session of the Verge 2014 Conference.

How Jesus Sends YOU

As the Father sent Jesus, so Jesus has sent us. That means that if we can discover how the Father sent Jesus, then we will see how we have now been sent.

Jesus Is Worthy

We must not reduce Jesus to a poor, puny savior who is just begging for people to accept him into their hearts as if Jesus needed to be accepted by us. Find out why.

Why Jesus Never Commanded Us To Plant Churches

What does it reveal about our missiology and biblical convictions whenever we think it is strange to advocate that those first century church planting teams have something to teach us?