4 Lies Female Worship Leaders Believe

It is easy for women to experience confusion in their roles as a worship leader or background vocalist in the Church. There 4 specific lies that have to be addressed in the Church.

5 Habits To Kill Apathy In Your Ministry

Leaders, artists, and writers thrive when they adapt healthy rhythms and habits. Here are FIVE HABITS that kill apathy and keep us flourishing in all the in-between-moments of life.

What’s The Point Of Singing?

Congregational singing is a foundational piece of our communal worship life, but have you ever asked yourself WHY we sing? Join us in this conversation about our reasons for gathering and singing together!

The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side

The call to ministry is a call to be a gardener; a green thumb who gets down and digs in the soil, planting and watering and nurturing and calling forth life where there is none.

5 Simple Ways to Proclaim Truth From Stage

I’m sure many of you can join me in remembering a time that you've misquoted a scripture or said something foolish from the stage. The aim is to make much of Jesus, but we sometimes make more of ourselves.

What Does A Successful Worship Leader Look Like?

Luke Brawner is a shepherd and worship pastor, but he hasn't always viewed himself as that. Read about the transformation he experienced while going through the Worship Leader Development Program.

6 Ways to Develop Worship Leaders For Planting A Church

Training for church planting has mainly focused on the lead pastor, and rightly so. He’s going to carry the weight of the leadership. However, every pastor leading a new ministry would love to have a well-trained and skilled worship leader ministering alongside them.

Leading Kids in Worship – Don’t Underestimate Your Kids

We shouldn’t be afraid to sing about difficult topics with kids, their potential lack of understanding can be what drives them to seeking understanding. Instead we should be creative and patient with them, we should never dilute truth for the sake of understanding.

3 Songwriting Tips Gathered From John Newton’s Hymn Writing

John Newton is one of the most recognized hymn writers of all time, although his life was far from perfect his life story offers us incredible insight on how to write word-shaped, Christ-centered songs that take scriptural truths and utilize them for God's glory.