The Hope of Imperfect Moms

Angela Suh shares how an imperfect mother can use failings to point their kids to a perfect Savior every single day.

More than a Housewife

Logan Gentry processes how we can empower women in the Church by celebrating their differences.

A Sinner & A Goer

Callie Thompson shares about how we can feel qualified for ministry even when we face our failure.

When the Storms Come Rolling In

Annie Lent shares three things from the book of Hebrews that can help steady us and the women we lead when the storms of life wash over us.

[Podcast #07] Our Permanent Circumstance

Gloria Furman talks about her present circumstances of being a mom, ministry wife, and living overseas and how she meditates on the permanency of Christ's atonement for her security and identity.

Expectations & Ambitions for Community

Many of the obstacles and issues with community in the Church exist because our expectation and ambition for community tends to be distorted by our consumeristic culture.

Making it to the End

Jamie Ivey shares her thoughts and fears about making it to the end. Where do we find encouragement on those days when the race just seems too long?

[podcast #6] How to be a Missional Mom

How do you create a culture of christian moms who value their children, but value Jesus more? Listen to Helen Lee use inspiration and imagination to give advice on how to be both missional and a mom.

Some Dreams are Meant to Die

What do we do with dreams that don't come true? Angela Suh talks about dreams that were given to us in order to be sacrificed.

I Would Never!

Anna Sargent shares good news for all the people who have lived out their 'I Would Nevers'...