[Podcast #07] Our Permanent Circumstance

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Jamie Ivey and Fabs Harford sat down with Gloria Furman to talk about her present circumstances of being a mom, ministry wife, and living overseas and how she meditates on the permanency of Christ’s atonement for her security and identity.

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The permanent circumstance of being in Christ isn’t going to change 30 trillion years from now. @gloriafurman

Here are some questions to process with God and the people around you:

1. Is your identity in being a mom, wife, single, ministry worker, friend, daughter, sister etc? What does it look like to find your identity in Christ rather than in what your present role is?

2. What are your current circumstances and roles? How have they changed in the past several years and how could they change in the next several years? What would it look like to dwell on your permanent circumstance in Christ rather than your present circumstance?

Tweet this:No matter what comes in front of you, future grace is always meeting you. @gloriafurman #vergewomen

3. Spend some time meditating on the truth that you have already received every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. How can you see life circumstances as an opportunity to understand God’s grace more? How have you been met with grace in past circumstances?

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Our identity is not wrapped up in what we’ve done or what we do. @gloriafurman #vergewomen