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The Online Course You Need To Improve Your Discipleship

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What is Discipleship Made Simple?

This Online Course combines a field-tested process with the power of practical tools to simply and quickly guide you through resetting your life and ministry around discipleship.

A 6-Part Course Designed To Make Discipleship Simple, Reproducible and Accessible

Identify exactly how to build a foundation for discipleship, prioritize discipleship, and navigate the barriers to discipleship.

Simple Methods And a Foundation For Being a Disciple and Making Disciples

The entire course is based on field-tested, gospel-centered, biblical principles for being a disciple and making disciples. You'll get a proven process for helping you identify exactly where to start, but better yet... how NOT to get sidetracked.

Where To Start And What To Do In Discipleship

Don't waste your time spinning your discipleship wheels - find out exactly where to start and what to do, as well as how discipleship can become the foundation for everything in your life and ministry.

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What's Inside This Course?

Module 1 - The Foundations of Discipleship

There's a lot of confusion in the church about discipleship and disciple-making. Francis Chan, David Platt and KA Ellis will walk through the foundations of discipleship, including defining a disciple and defining discipleship. You'll find out four ways to know what a true disciple looks like, as well as a simple definition of discipleship. 

Some of the Lessons in this Module include:

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A Simple Definition of Discipleship

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4 Ways to Know What a True Disciple Looks Like

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A Simple Definition of a Disciple

Module 2 - The Priority of Discipleship

In this Module Jo Saxton, Leonce Crump, Dr. John Perkins, Dhati Lewis and Sho Baraka will help you understand why discipleship is a priority and how to prioritize discipleship in your life. You'll walk through what it means to follow Jesus in discipleship as well as how and why discipleship was a priority for Jesus. 

Some of the Lessons in this Module include:

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How Discipleship Was Jesus' Priority

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What It Means To Follow Jesus In Discipleship

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What It Means That the Harvest is Plentiful

Module 3 - Barriers to Discipleship

In this Module David Platt, Jeff Vanderstelt, Francis Chan, Alan Hirsch and Jackie Hill Perry will walk you through the major barriers to discipleship... and how to overcome them.  

Some of the Lessons in this Module include:

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5 Hidden Barriers to Discipleship... And How To Overcome Them

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How Consumerism Is a Major Barrier to Discipleship... And What To Do About It

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The Greatest Barrier to Discipleship... And Next Steps

Module 4 - The Heart of Discipleship

In this Module you'll learn from David Platt, Francis Chan, Jeff Vanderstelt and KA Ellis about the heart of discipleship... and how this one key can make or break your discipleship. You'll go in depth on discipleship and identity, understanding who it is we follow (and why that's central to discipleship), the centrality of Jesus in discipleship as well as being empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Some of the Lessons in this Module include:

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The Centrality of Jesus in Discipleship

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What Spirit-empowered Discipleship Looks Like

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Discipleship And Identity... And Next Steps

Module 5 - Where To Start

One of the main barriers to discipleship is not knowing where to start and what to do. In this Module Jo Saxton, Mike Breen and Dave Rhodes walk you through where to start in discipleship. You'll discover Jesus' strategy for where to start in discipleship, finding a person of peace (and why this is so important), and the two things you'll need to balance in discipleship.. 

Some of the Lessons in this Module include:

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Where To Start in Discipleship

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Jesus' Strategy for Discipleship

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Finding a Person of Peace (And Why This Is So Important)

Module 6 - What To Do

In this Module you'll  walk away with some very simple tools to get started with discipleship right away. Every discipleship tool you learn in the Module is simple, applicable, and immediately usable and doable. You won't have to wait for a certificate or go through a long process - by the end of this Module you will know immediately what to do and how to do it.

Some of the Lessons and Tools in this Module include:

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6 Discipleship Rhythms

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Life Transformation Groups

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Discovery Bible Study & Kingdom Living

Meet Your Instructors

Discipleship Made Simple features more than nine incredibly knowledgable and engaging practitioners and instructors.

David Platt

Author of Radical; Pastor-teacher at McLean Bible Church 

Francis Chan

We Are Church; Author: Crazy Love; Disciplemaker and Church Planter

Jeff Vanderstelt

Visionary Leader: Doxa Church and Saturate

Jo Saxton

Speaker, Author, 3DM Leader, Trainer, Disciplemaker

Alan Hirsch

Author: The Forgotten Ways; Founder: 100 Movements

Dr. John Perkins

Bible teacher, Best-selling Author, Community Developer

Jackie Hill Perry

Speaker, Poet, Rapper, Writer

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"At last someone has put together a discipleship resource telling us 'what it is' and 'how to do it.' What a relief!"

- Mark

Verge Member & Course Student

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