[podcast #9] Diversity & Love

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The reaction to the recent events in Ferguson has made it clear that the Church must speak up about diversity and love.   Listen as Trillia Newbell shares what God has taught her about the Gospel and diversity.


0:00 Meet Trillia, (she’s awesome)

1:30 Unpacking the heart behind Trillia’s book:  ‘United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity

  • How does diversity look in the church?
  • Is diversity currently happening in the Church?
  • Why should we pursue it?

2:25  Why aren’t our churches more diverse?

  • Our history
  • Our culture
  • Our location
  • Sin in our hearts

TWEET THIS: “We are given to partiality; to be partial to those who are like us.” @trillianewbell #vergewomen

3:47   “I do not have a passion for diversity”

TWEET THIS: “I don’t have a passion for diversity…I have a passion for the Gospel” @trillianewbell #vergewomen

  • Diversity is about loving people
  • The Gospel creates diversity

5:05   What is our foundation as human beings?

  • Before anything else, we are image bearers
  • Then we are redeemed image bearers

6:19    20 years from now…

  • What could diversity look like for our children?

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  • Are our churches evidence of progress?

8:23    Practically, how can we help our churches look more like the family of God?

  • Love your neighbor

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10:41   Trillia’s new project: Fear & Faith

  • How can we trust God in the face of our fears?

11:32    What can I do if I am feeling fear?

  • Confess to God
  • Cry out to God; be weak
  • Search the Scriptures for the truth about God