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Risk & Adventure in a Pandemic

Is the gospel dangerous? Absolutely. It demands your life, submission to King Jesus instead of submission to self. In fact, it will actually call us to die to ourselves, and for some to even risk their lives. But the logic of the gospel is not denial for denial's sake. It's much more.

Disciplemaking Movements, Then And Now

Down the years the church has wrestled with the question of what it means to make disciples. Here's a simple tool that anyone can use to do just that.

5 Simple Ways You Can Develop A Culture of Care

While there are many programs that a church can employ to help them care for people the best path to being a caring church is to create a culture of care. Here are five simple ways you can do this:

Two Challenges to Navigating Our Culture

There are challenges and landmines to navigating culture well. Two in particular could destroy your discipleship and evangelism efforts. Here are the main ones (and what to do about it).

3 Styles of Discipleship

Sometimes our discipleship focuses too heavily on either thoughts, emotions or actions. By understanding the three styles of discipleship, we can get to a more holistic approach to developing people.

Top 18 Books of 2018

Here are a few of our favorite books that we at Verge can recommend, and would love for you to pick up one (or all of them!) and be inspired, challenged, and deepened in your walk with Jesus.

Discipleship and Identity

Discipleship starts with understanding our identity in relationship with God. Karen Ellis unpacks this and how this perspective informs discipleship.

Defining Discipleship

What is discipleship? K.A. Ellis gives a snapshot of this often misunderstood mark of the Christian life.