Podcast #11: The Value of Bible Study with Jen Wilkin

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Jen Wilkin joined our podcast to share her vision for bible literacy among women.   Listen as Jen talks with Fabs & Jamie about the value of topical studies in the church, the role of emotions in our relationship with God, and the why and how of connecting with God through His Word.


0:00 Meet Jen Wilkin & hear about her new book!

0:40 The importance of Biblical literacy.

  • Why it matters.
  • The role of topical studies.

2:05  The need to connect with God emotionally.

  • How our emotions are fueled.
  • Viewing emotions as a product of our thinking.

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  • Cultivating pleasure in God.
  • What actually brings us closer to God.

4:55  Teaching others about God’s Word.

  • The Bible is the way to know God.

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  • Read the Bible with the right perspective.

5:45   How to get started!

  • Grab a copy of Jen’s book!
  • Understand the how and the why of Bible study.
  • Study a book of the Bible in community.
  • Practice asking good questions in Bible study.

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