[Podcast #12] Redeeming Sexuality with Dr. Juli Slattery

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We were thrilled to have Dr Juli Slattery join our podcast recently!  We processed what it looks like to cultivate a healthy, biblical sexuality in both singleness and marriage.  Enjoy!


0:00 Meet Dr. Juli Slattery

  • Hear about her background as a clinical psychologist
  • Her vision to promote healthy sexuality and intimacy
  • Check out her most recent book “Pulling Back the Shades”

1:49 Redeeming sexuality

  • Defining the difference between sexuality vs. sexual sin
  • Myth #1: sexual identity begins at marriage
  • Myth #2: sexual purity is just for singles

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3:45 Becoming comfortable with your sexuality in singleness

  • Your sexuality is a huge piece of who you are
  • Sexuality is a metaphor of our relationship with God
  • God wants to teach us about Himself through longing

5:50 Pursuing purity in marriage

  • Temptation doesn’t disappear with marriage
  • The danger of fantasy in marriage

7:50 Cultivating a vibrant sexuality inside of marriage

  • Sex is a gift for wives as well as husbands
  • Become the Song of Solomon women
  • Practical step: Check out the bible study “Passion Pursuit

10:40 Preparing children to embrace sexuality and purity

  • What is sexual discipleship?
  • Have intentional and proactive conversations about love, marriage, internet, etc.
  • Don’t just teach negative reinforcement, but also positive reinforcement
  • Check out more resources from Dr Slattery: