[Podcast #07] Our Permanent Circumstance

Gloria Furman talks about her present circumstances of being a mom, ministry wife, and living overseas and how she meditates on the permanency of Christ's atonement for her security and identity.

[podcast #6] How to be a Missional Mom

How do you create a culture of christian moms who value their children, but value Jesus more? Listen to Helen Lee use inspiration and imagination to give advice on how to be both missional and a mom.

[podcast #04] Leadership and Family

Do you tend to lead with an iron fist or hide in the corner? In this podcast, Jamie Ivey and Fabs Harford talk about what it looks like to lead the church as a family rather than treating it as an orphanage.

[podcast #03] Meeting Jesus

This podcast was recorded live at Verge 2014. Listen as Jamie Ivey and Fabienne Harford share their stories of the first time their eyes locked with Jesus and began to follow him.

[podcast #02] Kingdom of Self

What treasure is driving you? Purpose? Success? Marriage? Listen as Jamie Ivey and Fabienne Harford reflect on Paul David Tripp’s session on Ministry as a War at the 2014 Verge conference and discuss the ba... More...

[podcast #01] Jesus is Better

What does it practically look like to believe Jesus is better than your job, better than your friends, better than your family? Listen as Jamie Ivey and Fabienne Harford reflect on the opening session of the Verge 2014 Conference.