The Chief End of Missional Communities

Mission is the result of joy. If mission is lacking, it’s because joy and delight in God are lacking. Giving of yourself can be one of the greatest gifts to yourself. Joy comes from glorifying God on mission.

Transformed: We Are Family

The church is not a building, an institution, a weekly service, or set of programs. The church is people.

Transformed: Birthright From Caesar Kalinowski's new book, Transformed: A New Way of Being Christian. (CLICK HERE to get it if you just can't wait!) What if Christianity were less abo... More...

The Solution To Failure In Mission

How we deal with our failures and sin, how we cope is important. More importantly is how we think God responds and interacts with us in those failures. This is monumental.

The Superbowl Is Not About Football

Everyone wants to be part of a larger story, let’s use this opportunity as a door opener to the largest story ever told. How can we use the Super Bowl to simply point to the larger story of God?

Finding Your True Identity

by Caesar Kalinowski *This article is an excerpt from Caesar’s new book titled, Transformed: A New Way of Being Christian. Finding Your True Identity Several years ago, I spent quite a lot of time going ... More...

6 Very Simple Ways To Make Your Superbowl Missional

The Superbowl is coming up and, whether you like football or not, it’s a very big deal to the ones we want to reach with the gospel. Since most people will watch SOME of the game, why not use it as an opportunity to meet your neighbors?

Cheap Church: Bi-vocational Living

Very few are talking about it yet, but thousands of pastors are opting for a Bi-Vocational lifestyle. This doesn't have to mean doing two things poorly. It means leveraging all of life into one calling.

The Death Of The Church As We Know It

If you read too many statistics on the American church, chances are good you’ll come out pretty depressed about the state we’re in. So what do we do?

5 Simple Ways To Have a Missional Thanksgiving

These 5 things will help you and others understand what Thanksgiving looks like. Doing the things on this list will lead you away from a me understanding and into a we understanding.