The Secret To Radical Leadership

He says, “If we’re going to mobilize the local churches we’re apart of for the accomplishment of the great commission we must give the people we lead a glimpse of a God centered God. A God who lives to exalt Himself! Now to some that rubs people wrong. God’s self centered. God lives to exalt Himself. If that rubs you wrong I would ask the following question: Who else would you have Him exalt? You? As if you or I were at the center of God’s universe.

You are not at the center of God’s universe. I’m not at the center of God’s universe. God is at the center of His universe. Everything He does ultimately revolves around Himself. And if He were to exalt to someone or something else He would no longer be the God who is worthy of all exaltation—and He is. And we see this passion for His own glory in the nations from cover to cover in scripture…”