The Sin of Racism

Now is the time to engage in conversation about race and how we view others.

Pursue Unity: Ferguson

In many cases, we may find that listening to those who have too often been marginalized in our society can allow us to discern God’s heart and pursue his justice in unity.

Unoccupied Minors and the Road to Jericho

Russell Moore on the unaccompanied minor crisis at the US border: The gospel tells us that our instinct ought to be one of compassion toward those in need, not disgust or anger.

The Gospel, Education, & Justice

Christians everywhere must share a vision of a place where people of all races and classes live together in peace and dignity under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Worship Through Serving

Our role as worship pastors is to use the platform we’ve been given, the songs we write, and influence we have to steward others towards being people of redemption and mercy.

Social Justice – A Counterfeit Of The Real Thing

Social justice without the Gospel is a counterfeit of the real thing - merely a band-aid to a gaping wound. We need to respond with Gospel justice - responding out of the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Calling Child Pornography What It Is

Nick Kristof's Sunday column from last weekend has a chilling account of child pornography consumption in the United States. According to a Justice Department study, in 2009 more than 21 million unique IP addre... More...

How NOT To Be a Racist

A recent study reveals that the majority of African-Americans still believe that race is a huge issue in our society, while the majority of whites do not think that race is a significant factor.