FREE Guide: Effective Disciple Making

Do you want to be more effective in making and multiplying disciples? This free guide will give you the essential resources and skills you will need to be a more effective disciple maker, as well as help others be more effective in their disciple making. Here are a few of the articles and videos in this free guide:

  • 6 Simple Ways To Make Disciples
  • Why Gospel Communities on Mission Are Essential to Making Fully Formed Disciples
  • 4 Simple Skills to Make and Multiply Disciples
  • Can Small Groups Be Missional & Make Disciples?
  • 11 Simple Ways To Disciple Your Kids On Mission
  • 5 Practical Ideas To Use Your Meals To Make Disciples
  • LTG’s: A Simple, Reproducible Tool For You To Make Disciples
  • Napkin Theology: Simple Concepts To Help You Make Disciples
  • Why Every Disciple Is A Disciple Maker
  • The Tragic Cost of Non-Discipleship
  • What Is Missional Discipleship?
  • How To Disciple People
  • What Does Discipleship Look Like On a Day-to-Day Basis?
  • The Right Way To Disciple A New Believer
  • The Secret to Understanding Disciple Making
  • How NOT To Make Disciples
  • Why Information Is Not Enough For Discipleship
  • Releasing Ordinary People For Movements
  • How To Be A Disciple Who Makes Disciples
  • And much more!