4 Skills to Make and Multiply Disciples

Guest post by George Patterson

Skill 1: Evangelize like the apostles did

Work in homes of persons of peace: yield control; avoid extraction. Tell the historical gospel events (Jesus’ Great Commission in Luke 24:46-48). Pray for healing in the name of Jesus (Jesus’ Great Commission in Mark 16). Deal with entire families and work within kinship circles or specific pockets of people. (Acts 10:24; 16:31)

Skill 2: Make disciples by teaching them to obey Jesus’ commands

Begin with Jesus’ Basic Commands that the first New Testament church obeyed in Acts 2:37-47:

1. Repent, believe and receive the Holy Spirit; avoid decision-making rituals, Mark 1:15; John 20:22; Acts 2:38.

2. Be baptized and live the new, holy life that it initiates; avoid non-biblical requirements, Acts 2:38, 41; Rom. 6.

3. Break bread (Communion) and let new believers experience Christ; preserve the mystery, Luke 22:19-20.

4. Love God, neighbor, disciples, needy neighbor, enemy, Luke 10:25-37

5. Pray and embrace the supernatural work of God, John 16:24; 15:4-5; 14:12-14; Matt. 10:7-8.

6. Give and practice stewardship in all forms, which may include tent-making, Luke 6:38; Acts 18.

7. Make disciples teach and obey God’s word, Matt. 28:18-20; Matt. 4:19; John 21:15-17.

What is the foundation for a church and our lives? (Matt. 7:24-29; 28:18-20). Discern levels of authority for church activities:  1) New Testament commands, 2) New Testament practices, 3) Traditions

Skill 3: Practice a worship style that fits a Missional Community

Practice the many One Another commands, within and between Missional Communities. Celebrate the Lord’s Supper; let anyone who meets biblical requirements lead it.

Skill 4: Mentor new leaders like Jesus and Paul did, to multiply

How many links are in 2 Tim. 2:2? What resulted from this chain? How is our power to reproduce like that of grain? Mentor an apprentice until their Missional Community is doing what God requires of it:

1. Pray intercede, personal & family devotions, spiritual warfare

2. Evangelize, witness, baptize

3. Make disciples and aim to obey Jesus above all else

4. Give and practice stewardship

5. Counsel and deal privately with personal or family issues

6. Teach and apply the Word, equip to serve

7. Show mercy and serve the hurting and needy

8. Cultivate love and fellowship in the body

9. Organize and serve each other with our different spiritual gifts

10. Strengthen family life and marriage by learning to forgive, reconcile, love

11. Organize and serve one another with spiritual gifts

12. Correct and restore, watch for wolves, weak lambs

13. Worship and serve Holy Communion, let all to participate actively

14. Multiply churches/cells and spread Jesus’ reign nearby & abroad

15. Train leaders, pastors, missionaries, elders, and evangelists

Training materials from George Patterson geared to multiplication and reproduction:

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