What Is Missional Discipleship?

Alan Hirsch describes what is missional discipleship.

In the video clip above he says, “What I’ve been asked to do is to talk about a missional understanding of discipleship and I thought that was a little odd at first. I mean, the fact that we have to put qualifications on the word discipleship means that we’ve probably gone very far from what an understanding of what the bible means by discipleship—it should be a stand alone term…It’s kind of weird we have to qualify it with adjectives…

After 2000 years practice of all kinds of things in the church, of all the traditions we do, all the rituals and all the stuff, the stuff we remember is often reasonably insignificant stuff, of all that stuff we forget the most fundamental of things: the thing called discipleship, which means formation in Christ.  I find that really weird and probably somewhat unfaithful.”