Why We Must Be Disciples First

Why don’t more Christians see making disciples as a key component of what it means to follow Christ? David Platt gives his answer.

He says, “Maybe we’re not aggressively making disciples of Jesus, because we’ve misunderstood what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in the first place. Definitely I am burdened, no question, by the reality that scores of people in our culture and contexts around the world, scores of people culturally identify themselves as Christians who biblically are not followers of Christ. Some people says, ‘is that possible?’ I think it’s not just possible, but according to Jesus it’s probable. He said at the end of His most famous sermon, ‘Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, I have done all these things in Your name.’ He uses the word ‘many’…Biblically what does it mean to follow Jesus?

So as Jesus transforms our minds, what we believe, then okay we can’t help, but to share this Gospel…As Jesus transforms our desires, He gives us the desire to see the Gospel spread, the glory of God made known. We love the glory of God more than our own lives as disciples of Jesus…Our will is now abandoned. It’s not ‘Lord what is your will for my life?’ It’s ‘Lord I know your will, it’s revealed in Your Word. How can my life best align with Your will..?’ Shows as He transforms us He compels us to make disciples.”

This blog post was adapted from a post written on Radical.net. Also check out David Platt’s book Follow Me.