Free Guide: Building A Missional Family

What does it look like to build a marriage, raise children and build a family around Jesus, the gospel and mission? In this helpful (and free!) Guide you will find 18 practical resources for building a missional marriage and raising missional children.

Building a Missional Family

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Building a Missional Marriage

  1. The Importance of the Gospel for a Missional Marriage
  2. How Marriage Is A Unique Forum For Mission
  3. How the Great Commission Affects Your Marriage
  4. Has The Great Commission Lost It’s Meaning In Our Families & Culture?
  5. How To Make Marriage & Mission One Sphere of Life

Raising Missional Children

  1. How To Fit Mission Into Your Schedule
  2. How To Disciple Children For Mission
  3. How To Disciple Children (Even When They Resist Gospel-Centered Living)
  4. 3 Reasons To Involve Children in Missional Communities
  5. Discipling the Next Generation
  6. How To Make Ministry “Normal” For Your Kids
  7. Finding Jesus in the Family Room
  8. How To Include Kids in Missional Living
  9. 11 Simple Ways To Disciple Kids on Mission
  10. How To Raise Kingdom Minded Children
  11. How To Disciple Kids In Missional Communities – Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3
  12. Children In Your Missional Community
  13. Missional Community With Children In Mind