How Can I Make Mission a Part of My Children’s Everyday Life?

Paul Tripp answers the question, “How can I make mission a part of my children’s everyday life?”

He says, “…if you want your children to be involved in ministry, give them the ministry family as a gift.  The more they get it, the more they watch you doing that, the more they’re used to strangers, the more they’ve heard conversations that are mundane conversations that morph into more important conversations, the more it will just be natural life for them.

Our boys, obviously, were not unused to having strangers around. We had strangers around all the time. So that just became normal life to them. It wasn’t strange. They became familiar with that and they loved it. They learned to have those conversations that were important because they were watching us do it. I think example is a very, very powerful thing. The more regular it is, the more comfortable it is, the more natural it is for your children as well.”

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