How to Disciple Children for Mission

Paul Tripp discusses how to disciple children for mission.

He says, “It’s very, very important to family to think this. As you’re thinking about the family and mission, that the mission of the Kingdom of God is not just something to be done by adults, but it’s the the call of all of God’s children. It’s the call for children and so I want to day one as a parent be thinking,

How early in my child’s life do I disciple this child for ministry and mission and what does that look like?

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So, first that’s just a conversation, that all of this doesn’t belong to us, but it belongs to God and we want to be like a city on a hill that cannot be hidden. We want to be a light in the community that God has sent us into, so as you’re building friendships you want to build friendships with that in mind; how can this friendship be used not just for my happiness, but for God’s purpose?

How can this great game system that mom and dad bought us for Christmas be used as a means of ministry…? You just want to have that conversation with everything in the child’s life…Everything you have is a potential means of ministry…The ideas are endless.”

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