How Do Children Become Kingdom Minded?

Paul Tripp answers the question, “How do children become kingdom minded?”

My job as a parent is not only to teach my children these are the things you’re supposed to do, but teach my children that they’re supposed to be apart of God’s mission as well. It’s not just that I raise obedient children. I want to raise Kingdom minded children as well.

So, we want to have that conversation early that our home doesn’t belong to us, our possessions don’t belong to us. This is not our little private domain where we shut the door and shut the world out and we do all the selfish things we want to do. Even our most private spaces belong to the Lord. They belong for His use. Your toys don’t belong to you, but they belong to God. They’re there for His use.

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I think the best prayer for a family to pray is Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done, right here right now in this house, right here right now in this toy room, right here right now in this marriage. And from day one develop, disciple that mentality into your children.

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