For the City Network – Jordan & Capital Area Food Bank

With her missional community, Jordan used her two days off each week to live on mission and serve the Capital Area Food Bank, because she knows that time is the Lord’s, not her own. This is where they met Delta Garcia, the coordinator of the St. John branch of the food bank. She is full of life and serves the food bank and the community in a godly way. Growing close to Delta, they found out her husband has advanced cancer. The missional community felt called to support the family in this difficult time. They found that each member played a special role with their individual gifts serving Delta. Phil is a nurse giving him the ability to answer her medical questions. Julianne is a great listener and has the gift of compassion taking time to talk to her. Jordan is able to answer pharmacy questions and discuss chemo. Together they pray and the family feels these prayers and love. They are encouraged by the group’s steadfastness.

Jordan says, “It’s strange to think we signed up to serve the community through the food bank and we have ended up serving the people who serve the community which was not our original plan. But it’s a good plan and now we’re doing both. I come back to the food bank because it’s part of who I am now. I go because I love it. I go because I love Delta. I go because I love God. We’re called to sacrifice selfishness. We’re not here to live for ourselves.  We’re here to live for Jesus. And He said to love your neighbor.

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