The Future Church – Alan Hirsch

Alan Hirsch kicks off Verge Network’s Future Church series by answering the question, “What is the future of the church in America?”

He says, “…perhaps best understood by phrasing it ‘what are the futures of the church in America today.’ There are elements of the church in America that are destine to fail and indeed I think need to. There are aspects of it that are deeply religious and damaging and distorting. And I’m hoping that Jesus is going to close their doors…I’m so excited, because I think there are elements of Christianity in America that are really engaging. What we call the missional church movement, I think is some of the best expression. People who take the Gospel seriously who are willing to take it out and share it in an engaging way, in a friendly way, a way that makes sense to people round about us. Jesus will sort out His church. There will be a future for the church in America and more than that I’m very hopeful actually that the future is good. The signs are good! I’m amazed.”


Over the next few weeks Verge Network will be running a series of posts on The Future Church.

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