4 Questions Every Marketplace Leader Should Ask

Most Christians live in the ordinary everyday world, working, making a living, raising families, paying taxes, contributing to society and culture, getting along, doing their bit. But in what sense is the life of believers living in the “ordinary” realm – what we call the public square – part of the mission of God’s people?

Are You an Enthusiast?

We have a lot of enthusiasts as it relates to holiness, we have a lot of enthusiasts as it relates to stewardship, we have a lot of enthusiasts as it relates to Bible knowledge and theology, but what I’ve found is that we have very few experts, very few practitioners. John O. shares why we need experts.

State of the Evangelical Union

Mike Breen shares a state of the evangelical union telling where we've been in the past year and ideas of what the future holds.

Satan in the Suburbs – Seth McBee

Seth McBee shares what he has found out, practically, about the devil as he has tried to live out the mission of making disciples in his suburban neighborhood.

Finding Christ in the Family Room

God’s Word commands us to teach our children how to love the Lord (Deut. 6) and train them in his discipline and instruction (Ephesians 6:4). Luma Simms shares on finding Christ in the family room

Goer Story: Uproot And Follow

Recently, though, Noah has felt a tug to uproot from Austin and his tight network here to follow Jesus to his new home, in a nation thousands of miles away where he knows almost no one - except the Lord.

Can You Care About the Unreached and Stay?

Guest post by David Platt One important question that I've been asked is why I - with a passion for the unreached and unengaged peoples of the earth - serve as a pastor in Birmingham, Alabama, one of the... More...

Goer Story: The Deaf Shall Hear

Profile by Casey Henegar Photo by Chris Hedlund Like many Austinites, Denny and Janie enjoy sports, movies, Fruity Fro-Yo and Chuy’s Creamy Jalapeno. Both are quick to point out that they are not superh... More...

6 Secrets To Building Community

The secrets to community are based on understanding how God created the church to exist and function. What could happen if our groups learned to live them out?

Why Corporate Church Won’t Work

What we need is a way of making and moving people so that as we make disciples, we release them into their destiny of pushing into new Kingdom-frontier. Church-as-Corporation doesn't do this.