5 Hidden Impacts of Violence

Our friends at International Justice Mission have identified five hidden impacts of violence, ways that violence impacts the world's poor unexpectedly. Here is the first: When a girl is raped at school: She... More...

How NOT To Be a Racist

A recent study reveals that the majority of African-Americans still believe that race is a huge issue in our society, while the majority of whites do not think that race is a significant factor.

Sara’s Story – Trinity Grace Church

What if we took the words of Jesus seriously, and began to live incarnational lives? This is what Sara has by moving to the South Bronx, one of the poorest neighborhood in the US, to live amongst the people who need to see Jesus.

Sacred Space – Soma Communities

http://vimeo.com/25145667 Learn more about Sacred Space.   One of the ways our communities love and serve their neighborhoods is by restoring things that are broken. This video is a story from Soma co... More...