[podcast #01] Jesus is Better

[This is a part of the Verge Women Podcast.  You can subscribe here.]

What does it practically look like to believe Jesus is better than your job, better than your friends, better than your family?  Listen as Jamie Ivey and Fabienne Harford reflect on the opening session of the Verge 2014 Conference and process the ways they struggle to lay everything at the feet of Jesus.


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Here are some questions to process with God and the people around you:

  1. What would look different in your life if you believed – Jesus is not just better – He is worth losing the things you love?
  2. In what ways have you neglected the one thing that is necessary: sitting at the feet of Jesus?  What are things that seem more important than spending time with Him?
  3. Is your mission your master?  How would you know if it was?
  4. What are the things in your life that are the hardest to lay at the feet of Jesus?