Why The Missional Movement WON’T Fail

by Mike Breen

How do you make missional disciples?

Yes. The term “missional disciple” is redundant, isn’t?! I wish we were in a world where when I say the word “disciple”, everyone understands that clearly means the word “missionary.” But we don’t. So to be clear – it’s about making missional disciples.

So maybe you’ve read the last two posts I did on “Why the missional movement will fail” (Part 1 and Part 2). And perhaps you think I’ve made some good points and you’d like to know THE HOW. 

How do we make missional disciples? I think if we’re going to be serious about making missional disciples, it starts with us (clearly). We have to be discipling leaders. We need to invest in a small group of people (I’d suggest 4-10) who we’ve made an invitation to for that kind of relationship. If we’ve done that – what will this discipling relationship need to produce the kind of fruit we see in scripture?

Why don’t we start at the 10,000 foot level for this post.