Why The Missional Movement WON’T Fail

The invitation to someone you’re discipling isn’t to the vehicle. It’s not “Hey, do you want to be part of my Small Group? Triad? Class meeting? Huddle?” (or whatever you’re doing) The invitation is to your life. You are giving your life as something to be imitated, to do as Paul said, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.” That wordimitation is used over and over again in the New Testament and it’s not one we as Western Christians are terribly comfortable with.

But this invitation to discipleship, to our life, is essentially this: “I feel like the Lord is asking me to invest in you. And in the places you see in me that look like Jesus, copy those things. That things that don’t – scrap them! Don’t copy them.” Eventually they’ll be able to innovate the things in their own life they are imitating, but people need a starting point!

This begs an all-important question:If people imitated your life, would that be a good thing?

Do you have a life worth imitating? Would it be beneficial to have another 10 people like you running around? And there’s the rub, yes?

BUT – there is one other crucial component that is needed.