Disciplemaking Movements, Then And Now

Down the years the church has wrestled with the question of what it means to make disciples. Here's a simple tool that anyone can use to do just that.

3 Styles of Discipleship

Sometimes our discipleship focuses too heavily on either thoughts, emotions or actions. By understanding the three styles of discipleship, we can get to a more holistic approach to developing people.

Top 18 Books of 2018

Here are a few of our favorite books that we at Verge can recommend, and would love for you to pick up one (or all of them!) and be inspired, challenged, and deepened in your walk with Jesus.

Discipleship and Identity

Discipleship starts with understanding our identity in relationship with God. Karen Ellis unpacks this and how this perspective informs discipleship.

Defining Discipleship

What is discipleship? K.A. Ellis gives a snapshot of this often misunderstood mark of the Christian life.

6 Ways To Reclaim Real Life In A World of Technology

If we don’t learn to put technology, in all its forms, in its proper place, we will miss out on many of the best parts of life. Here are 6 guidelines to know when technology is helping rather than hurting.

Dope Church

Dope Church is a growing community of Christians committed to being family with their neighbors struggling in addiction, the sex industry, and the criminal lifestyle.

4 Common Myths About Disciplemaking

These 4 common myths about discipleship and disciplemaking could trip you up in your attempts to make a difference. Which ones do you find yourself believing?

4 Steps To Making Great Decisions Every Time

When you have multiple options in front of you, how do you determine which is the best choice? How do you not make a bad choice? Here are 4 steps to be wise in making decisions.