Community and Spiritual Formation Coaching Cohort

There are two burning questions that we consistently hear from other leaders and pastors that we coach. One is, “How do you lead from the middle of the organization?” And the other burning question is, “How can I practically lead groups toward mission?”

Well, both of those questions, both of those problems, take a lot of time, resources and processing to unpack, so we created a brand new Leadership and Communities Coaching Cohort.


The Coaching Cohort experience is designed to give you the tools, strategies, and resources you need in order to:

× Create and establish an effective leadership development pipeline
× Empower your church to make disciples in group life

Through this 6-month intensive you will walk away with a blueprint for executing a spiritual formation initiative in your context.


Topics that will be covered during our time together:

× Theological foundations of community and spiritual formation

× Key philosophical and cultural considerations in church life

× Missional engagement through groups

× Leadership development strategies

× Pressing questions for each participant


This cohort will be lead by:

× Trevor Joy: Spiritual Formation Pastor at The Village Church and co-author of the book, People of God: Empowering the Church to Make Disciples in Group Life. Trevor oversees the ministry and leadership development for the spiritual
formation process as well as the day-­to-­day operations of the Flower Mound Campus.

× Dr. Todd Engstrom: Executive Pastor of Ministries at The Austin Stone and author of 3 Ways to Kill a Missional Culture. Todd’s primary role is strategic direction and team leadership for engaging the city of Austin through our campuses and missional communities.

Together, Todd and Trevor have over 20 years of experience in ministry development and are passionate about helping churches learn to raise the bar of leadership and discipleship. This 6-­‐‑month experience will provide 3 days of intense round table training as well as access to personal coaching and consulting. Our hope is that by the end of our time together you would be equipped to:

1. Recruit, train, and release leaders more effectively

2. See discipleship and multiplication happen in and through groups

3. Lead your staff and church through challenging phases of implementing change.


Who will be part of the cohort?

The cohort is limited to 10 participants and is designed for leaders who are looking to make effective change in their contexts. Because of the nature of the role, the leaders may be, lead pastors, spiritual formation pastors, small group pastors and directors, ministers of education, or other key leaders.

What will you receive?

× 3 Days of Training. Participants will experience two 1.5 day round table intensives hosted at The Village Church in Flower Mound, TX and The Austin Stone in Austin, TX.

× Access to Coaching and Consulting Through Scheduled One on One Calls. Throughout the 9-­month program, participants will have the opportunity to receive coaching on developing and implementing change in their specific context.

× Tools, strategies and next steps to be implemented after every session.

× The opportunity to connect with other network participants between sessions.


Participants will travel to Flower Mound, Tx and Austin, Tx for each of the 1.5 day training intensives, and commit to the reading and exercises between sessions.