Simplify Gospel Transformation With These 6 Steps

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“I’ve never understood why the gospel was good news until now.”

“I’m not experiencing anxiety anymore after learning how much God loves and cares for me. I’ve learned to trust God.”

“The last year I’ve learned to forgive those who have hurt me and feel free. It wasn’t until I understood God’s love in Christ and His forgiveness of me that I could.”

Over the past few months I’ve listened to others share and I’ve been a part of something really special. I’ve sat across the table from someone and watched them transform through conversations about Jesus and the bible over a series of coffees and egg breakfasts (sunny side up with bacon and home fries of course). It’s one of the most amazing experiences and as I hear people excitedly share similar stories with me, I want to challenge you… Watch someone be transformed across the table from you. We all want to be a part of God’s mission and often overcomplicate it. God the Holy Spirit dwells within us so that we are His witnesses. He didn’t call us to be His fans who stand on the sidelines and watch the action, He empowered us to get in the game.

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[pullquote position=”right”]Become so invested in the life of someone else that you pray for them, you listen to them, you ask probing questions and you become the sounding board that explains scripture as they process it.[/pullquote]

It’s not as complicated as I thought it would be and it requires 6 simple things.

1. An Invitation

How quick we are to shy away from an invitation. We run through the conversation in our head and assume people will say no. They might, but someone will say yes. Keep asking and be ready to commit to it. As you discuss the gospel or your faith with someone, don’t stop at sharing your beliefs, invite them to explore them with you.

2. Consistency

Like I said, commit to it. Show up every week. It will require another person becoming a priority in your life, but in doing so, you get to experience the gospel. You’re reminded that Jesus considered other’s needs more significant than His own. Change only occurs through consistent pursuit.

3. Shared Bible Reading

Agree to go through the same scripture passages together. Galatians is an easy entry point, as is Luke. Just read a passage or a chapter, have them join you in writing down questions or things that stand out. Come together and talk through what it means and how it applies to your life. The scriptures are the breath of God to give new life and sufficient to renew minds and transform hearts. Read it together and watch God do His work.

4. Vulnerability

[pullquote position=”right”]Be honest and share your life. The highs, the lows, the good, the bad, and even the ugly.[/pullquote] As you read the scriptures, share about what you don’t know and find out the truth together. Share about what is hard for you to obey or believe and seek faith and faithfulness together.

5. Prayer

Pray for each other and celebrate how God answers them. Pray for the truth of the scriptures to become reality in each other’s lives. Invite one another into the presence of God where transformation actually happens.

6. Patience

Change takes time, always. A start-up takes a while to succeed, habits take time to form or break, and people don’t change overnight. There will be progress and sometimes setbacks, epiphanies and confusions, and only patience reveals the results. It’s like watching a Polaroid come into focus when people begin to see the truth and find it joyful. Here’s a hidden benefit – it will change you too. It is joyful to watch someone find hope, truth, and joy in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s more than worth your time.

Who Will You Invite?

Take the challenge and share this challenge with your church and missional community.

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