[podcast #03] Meeting Jesus

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What was it like the first time you met Jesus? Listen as Jamie Ivey and Fabienne Harford share their stories of the first time their eyes locked with Jesus and began to follow him.

Tweet this:  I was enough for you then and enough for you now and i¹m going to be enough for you forever @fabsharford @jamie_ivey

Tweet this: @jamie_ivey and @fabsharford share their stories of meeting Jesus #vergewomen

Here are some questions and applications to process with God and the people around you:

1. What was it like when you first met Jesus? Spend some time remembering how it felt to encounter Jesus in the beginning.

2. Do you believe that Jesus loves you just as much now as He did on that day? Take a few minutes to dwell on all the ways that He has been enough for you since then and how He will be enough for you forever.

3. Share your stories with one another of how Jesus called you to Himself. Challenge each other to share your story with someone who doesn’t yet know Him.


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