Reactionary Discipleship

Too often, I make decisions about ministry, life and leadership based on what those around me doing.  My writing is driven by what others are talking about, my ministry is a response to opportunities, even my discipleship seems to be reactionary.

I don’t think that’s all bad.

Making disciples of Christ must always be defined by God, in His word, but there is still room to acknowledge that our culture has been feeding a generation of women the same food, the same lies and so- of course – they will present with the same symptoms.

The symptoms are roaming the hallways of our churches: Apathetic.  Disappointed. Exhausted.

We have a generation of women with new struggles.  We keep feeding them the medicine for the lies their parents swallowed and wondering why they still exhibit such spiritual malnutrition.

The Gospel doesn’t change, but the lies our culture cultivates shift over time, and it’s not ‘bad’ discipleship to take a moment to consider the unique obstacles we face.


We face a generation of women who have been bred to be complacent with our world, with the broken state of their cities and the state of their heart.  Whether fueled by cynicism or naive optimism, they are being kept in a holding pattern of apathy.   The world is what it is – you can’t change anything. It’ll all work out as it should – no action required from you.

This generation was raised in homes where parents fought every battle for their kids, defending even their disobedience and blaming it on the school system or the kid down the street. So it’s no wonder that this generation is still buying the lie that our sins are someone else’s fault and that our sanctification will happen to us regardless of what we do.


Just read the blogs, or listen to the voices of this generation around you.  They are frustrated; they have feel failed by the church, by the system, by the world.  And why wouldn’t they feel that way?  They have had lies sung over them: your world exists to serve you.  Your church exists to make you happy.  Your spouse exists to fulfill your dreams.  God exists to give you what you want.  Disappointment is inevitable.


And then there are those who have rolled up their sleeves and tried.  They’ve read every how-to book and every blog on how to be a better wife, better mom, better christian.  And they’re tired of trying and failing.

But still, they’ll wake up tomorrow and strive again because God helps those who help themselves and the world is what you make of it.  God is up there in the sky, giving us a performance review, demanding that we try harder; do more.  And they’ll go to bed exhausted from carrying burdens they were never made to bear.

Our churches, our homes, our lives are filled with women who need to encounter the same perfect Gospel that has always saved and the same timeless truths that have always transformed.  But what if there are certain truths they’ve never even heard?

Let’s not hide from them the eager urgency described in the book of Hebrews.  Let’s sing over them a new version of success, that is defined not primarily by conforming to an outward behavior, but by being filled with a heart that cares about sin and brokenness.

Let’s introduce them to the man named Jesus as He is presented in the Gospels.  His messages are so offensive that He might be kicked out of many of our churches today.  He doesn’t always make us  ‘feel’ welcomed or loved, regardless of the fact that He always welcomes us and offers a truer love than we have ever experienced.

Let’s tell them about a faith that not only justifies, but also transforms.

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Before we even start with the how-to’s of discipleship, what if we ourselves meditated on His Word, and prayed Hebrews 6:11-12 over ourselves, our families, our churches, our cities and our world.

Download one of our designs of this verse, hang it on your wall, pin it or do whatever you need to help you memorize and meditate and pray this Scripture.

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