How Your Brokenness Helps Your Mission


Paul Tripp shares how our sin and brokenness helps us empathize.

In the video clip above he says, “I think the biggest mistake that people who begin to give themselves to mission in their marriage is to forget that they’re more like the people that they minister to than unlike. [CLICK TO TWEET]

…you can’t be so focused on mission that you forget your own desperate need for the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Everybody who is doing mission is yet a sinner, because mission is done between the not ready and the not yet. Already Christ has come, already His Word has been given, already His Spirit has been given, already His grace has begun to transform me, but not yet is that work done. And so I’m still a sinner, the power of sin has been broken, the presence of sin still remains.

So, we don’t want subtle little tension, subtle little pressures, subtle little disagreements begin to corrupt our marriage, because we haven’t been paying attention to our need for ministry as we’re giving ministry.”