Missional Communities Series

Missional Communities series | Final Post

by Mike Breen


Well folks, this is our last post in our long-running Missional Communities series. And what better way to end it than by ending without new content; rather, an easy reference list of each of the past posts. Hope you find this helpful in the months and years to come.

Once again, if you’re really wanting to dive into Missional Communities, I can’t recommend our book long or loud enough, Launching Missional Communities: A Field Guide.

Lastly, if you’re unfamiliar with Missional Communities, I suggest a quick detour to this Wikipedia article, it’ll help familiarize you with the ideas, history, terms, theology and basics on practice.

Without further adue, here’s the Missional Communities series:

Post #1 | Keld Dahlman’s 6 principles for creating an extended family

Post #2 | A video of me answering, “What is a Missional Community?”

Post #3 | Essential ingredients of a Missional Community

Post #4 | Story of a skatepark Missional Community for teenagers

Post #5 | First step in starting a Missional Community

Post #6 | Transitioning a church to MCs without killing it

Post #7 | How the various Ephesians 4 base gifts lead MCs differently

Post #8 | How do immature Ephesians 4 base gifts function?

Post #9 | Identifying which Ephesians 4 base gift you are

Post #10 | Story of a family-based Missional Community

Post #11 | Why Missional Communities function better in groups of 20-50

Post #12 | Chances are, you’ve already led a Missional Community

Post #13 | Blog reviews of the book, Launching Missional Communities

Post #14 | Missional Communities in the early church: Part 1

Post #15 | Missional Communities in the early church: Part 2

Post #16 | Missional Communities in the early church: Part 3

Post #17 | Story of a Missional Community in Seattle and Kenya

Post #18 | Missional Communities, meals and practical advice

Post #19 | Jo Saxton and Michael Stewart talking Missional Communities

Post #20 | Pairing Missional Communities with Persons of Peace

Post #21 | How to disciple people to do mission

Post #22 | The real engine of Missional Communities


Mike Breen has been an innovator in leading missional churches throughout Europe and the United States for more than 25 years. In his time at St Thomas Sheffield in the UK, he created and pioneered Missional Communities, mid-sized groups of 20-50 people on mission together. The result, less than 6 years later, was the largest church in England, and ultimately, one of the largest and now fastest growing churches in Europe. In 2006 Mike was approached by Leadership Network to lead an initiative into church planting. Through this partnership, more than 725 churches were planted in Europe in just three years. Today, Mike lives in South Carolina, leading 3DM, a movement/organization that is helping hundreds of established churches and church planters move into this discipling and missional way of being the church. Twitter: @mike_breen



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