The Superbowl Is Not About Football

Everyone wants to be part of a larger story, let’s use this opportunity as a door opener to the largest story ever told. How can we use the Super Bowl to simply point to the larger story of God?

5 Simple Ways To Have a Missional Thanksgiving

These 5 things will help you and others understand what Thanksgiving looks like. Doing the things on this list will lead you away from a me understanding and into a we understanding.

3 Practical Ways To Be Missional This Halloween

People knew that Jesus was about celebrating, truth, and building relationships with people. With that in mind, how can we show THAT Jesus to our communities during Halloween? Here are 3 practical ways.

The Holy Spirit Is Not Our Crazy Uncle

What is holding you back right now from stopping and asking the Spirit, “what’s next?” and waiting for his answer and his power to become evident to you?

Napkin Theology

For most of us a quick image describing what we desire to say is very powerful. Here's a collection of simple images for discipleship and mission called "Napkin Theology".

Satan in the Suburbs – Seth McBee

Seth McBee shares what he has found out, practically, about the devil as he has tried to live out the mission of making disciples in his suburban neighborhood.