There are no “hard people”

Among humanity, is no pre-disposition towards saving grace, only pre-indisposition. If we are "dead in our trespasses and sins", then nobody is "farther" or "closer" away from Christ. We are all, rather, equally dead. The ground is level both at the foot of the cross and the plain of the cemetery. Nobody is more saved than others by Christ and nobody is more separated than others from Christ. So Saul the persecutor of Christians and Cornelius the "God-fearer" were equally dead in their trespasses and sins and equally in need of divine alien righteousness. And this makes all the difference for how we make disciples among the nations.

5 Common Myths about Disciplemaking

Many people teach on it, most of us don’t regularly obey it. Here are 5 common myths about the Great Commission that lead us to miss out on disciple making.

Stories from the Field: The Lame Walk

A story from Daniel and Jessie—goers sent by the Austin Stone as part of the 100 People Network, serving among the unreached people group the deaf of Honduras.

What is the Culture of the Kingdom?

What does it mean to obediently follow Christ while remaining in the context of our community and culture? What does the kingdom really look like?

How Jesus Sends YOU

As the Father sent Jesus, so Jesus has sent us. That means that if we can discover how the Father sent Jesus, then we will see how we have now been sent.