The Death Of The Church As We Know It

If you read too many statistics on the American church, chances are good you’ll come out pretty depressed about the state we’re in. So what do we do?

How to become a Church for the Nations Matt Carter and David Platt share when the Spirit moved their hearts to lead their churches to be churches for the nations. "And this gospel of the kingdom will ... More...

How To Pastor With The End In Mind

David Platt and Matt Carter discuss what it means to be a church with a DNA for the nations. Learn how your church can be more involved in spreading the gospel.

It’s All About Jesus

Francis Chan, Matt Carter, Alan Hirsch and Odd Thomas all exhort and challenge us to keep Jesus at the center of all we are and do in these inspiring videos.

Matt Carter: Innovation in Mission | VIDEO

Innovation is the implementation of missional imagination and to do mission as Jesus does it. The goal in this move is for each individual and church to "do it." The outcome of every Christ follower and church living sent lives on mission is a missional movement.

7 Questions Series | RECAP

We spent several months with leading thinkers and practitioners to answer 7 of the most frequently asked questions about missional communities. Join the conversation!

Matt Carter: What do Missional Communities do?

-7 Questions Series- Question 6: What do Missional Communities do? Missional communities will vary across contexts, but they must be rooted in gospel; identity first, then methods and theory. What we've found is that if Christians love the gospel, they'll be willing to do incredible things for the sake of making Jesus known to those around them. At The Austin Stone...

Question 5 | RECAP

We asked some of the leading thinkers and practitioners to answer 7 of the most frequently asked questions about missional communities. Question #5: How do you Train Missional Community Leaders? 1. JR W... More...

Matt Carter: How to Train Leaders | PRINTABLE

-7 Questions Series- Question 5: How do you train missional community leaders? We've changed how we're training and discipling our leaders. We've taught them, and we're teaching them, to be self-feeders versus consumers only. We're teaching them how to be self-feeders versus consumers because today in most churches, if you're a typical American Christian...

How A Missional Community Is Different From A Bible Study – Matt Carter

Matt Carter answers the question: What's the Difference between a Missional Community and a Bible Study? This is the second question of our 7 Questions Series leading up to the Exponential Conference. Hear what Matt has to say about challenging our people and releasing them to go on mission.

Matt Carter: Large Churches and Mission | VIDEO

In this video, Pastors Justin Anderson of Redemption Church and Matt Carter of The Austin Stone Community Church talk about the importance of redefining how we do large church and the critical role of missional communities for larger churches.