The Future Church

We asked several key leaders and practitioners the question, “What is the future of the church in America today?” Listen as Alan Hirsch, Jo Saxton, Dr. John Perkins, Dave Gibbons, Propaganda and Leonce Crump II have to say about where they think the church is headed.


The Missional Marriage

We polled our Verge audience and they gave us 14 questions they wanted us to answer in regards to living missionally as a couple and family. So we interviewed Paul Tripp and he gave some incredible insights into marriage, family, children and living on mission.


Reaching The Unreached

What does it look like to have a vision for the nations – the unreached and unengaged peoples of the world? In this series we tell stories of ordinary people who have left everything to join God’s global mission, as well as interview John Piper on a variety of topics related to reaching the unreached. If you are interested in learning more about unreached people groups and out to get involved, please visit  www.100peoplenetwork.org


What A Missional Community Is NOT

What’s the difference between a a Missional Community and a traditional small group? A Bible Study? Sometimes the best way to see what something looks like is to look at what it is not. In this series we explore why a missional community is not primarily a Bible Study, support group, small group, weekly meeting, or a social activist group.


7 Questions Series

We spent time with leading thinkers and practitioners to answer 7 of the most frequently asked questions about missional communities. Neil Cole, Hugh Halter, Mike Breen, Alan Hirsch, Felicity Dale, JR Woodward, Jeff Vanderstelt, Caesar Kalinowski, Matt Carter, Matt Smay, Dave Ferguson, Jason Dukes, Reggie McNeal, Jo Saxton, Lance Ford, & Rob Wegner as they tackle some of the most common questions surrounding missional communities.


The DNA Of Gospel Movements

In these 7 videos, Alan Hirsch explains and articulates the DNA of Gospel Movements, the dynamics that lead to the rapid, indigenous multiplication of the gospel. The explanation for the DNA of Movements forms the basis of his book, The Forgotten Ways, in which Hirsch defines the different elements of a movement, how they interact, and how we in the West can recover these elements in our context.