Instilling Identity In Your Kids This Halloween

However you decide to lead your family this Halloween, chances are your kids will be jealous of what some of their friends get to do that they can't participate in. How can you respond with truth and love?

Halloween Is Not Important

To trick-or-treat or not to trick-or-treat­—that is the question. Parents everywhere are weighing the pros and cons of taking part in the impending Halloween holiday. Here's some much-needed perspective.

12 Simple Ways To Be On Mission This Halloween

This Halloween offers a great opportunity for many to engage in new relationships with those around us or to revisit some old relationships with new missional intentionality. Here are 12 simple ways.

Halloween: Trick, Treat or Missional?

All the reasons why I locked my door for Halloween are the reasons why I’m now opening it. You see, Halloween is not my favorite celebration, but it is a missional opportunity. Here's why.

3 Practical Ways To Be Missional This Halloween

People knew that Jesus was about celebrating, truth, and building relationships with people. With that in mind, how can we show THAT Jesus to our communities during Halloween? Here are 3 practical ways.