The Future Church – Jo Saxton

Jo Saxton continues Verge Network’s The Future Church series by answering the question, “What is the future of the church in America today?”

An Image of Discipleship – Jo Saxton

When Paul is urging the church to imitate him, he's saying yes there is lots of great information you can get out there, but you need a father. You need to stand at my shoulder, because you can't be what you can't see.
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Jo Saxton

As the college pastor at St. Thomas Church, Sheffield, Jo planted missional congregations amongst college students and young adults. Now as Direct... More...

Children in Your Missional Community – Jo Saxton

Check out this clip of Jo Saxton at Exponential 2011: On the Verge, as she fields the question: "What do you do with children in your missional community?" She offers great insight into the mindset, flexibility, and creativity required by parents to bring their children into God's mission. In fact, kids may be the best evangelists in your group!

Risk & Adventure – Jo Saxton Interview

Stew from Verge Network interviews Jo Saxton about how the gospel calls us to risk and adventure, as opposed to comfort and ease. She answers why the gospel is dangerous and what an adventurous faith has looked like in her life.

Jo Saxton: Stories of Hope and Struggle | VIDEO

-7 Questions Series- Question 7: What are some stories of hope and struggle you've encountered with Missional Communities? Stew interviews Jo Saxton about stories of hope and struggles that are common to Missional Communities.

Risk & Adventure – Jonathan Dodson

Jonathan Dodson returns in an interview with Stew, on the topic of Risk & Adventure in the Christian life. Jonathan sheds some light on the dangers of the gospel and some practical next steps for believers to begin engaging the world around them.
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Alex Absalom Steve Addison Justin Anderson Sho Baraka Leroy Barber Nick Barker Matt Blackwell Mike Breen Brad Brisco Tim Brister Mike Brow... More...
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Verge 2013 Pre-Conference

AUSTIN ONE-DAY REGIONAL TRACKS & INTENSIVES Thursday, Feb. 28  |  9am - 5pm Track = a collection of workshops and seminars by a specific netw... More...
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Verge 2013 Order Confirmation

Thanks for registering for Verge 2013 Conference! DON'T FORGET to sign up for a Pre-Conference Track or Intensive Thursday, Feb. 28  | 9:00am-5:00pm... More...