Tell Your Story

Someone once asked a philospher, “What’s the best way to affect societal change? Evolution or revolution?” In other words, is it better to try and change the world through evolution or through revolution? His answer?

“Neither. To change the world you must tell an alternative story.”

In many ways, there is a lot of wisdom in his answer. Stories have the ability to give hope and inspire change. Stories are embedded with teaching and training in ways that pure content cannot accomplish. Stories provide models and mentors and pictures of the future.

And that is why we want you to tell YOUR story.

Many of you are involved in grassroots mission. Many of you have no desire to seek recognition. But we still need you. And others need you. They need to hear your story and be inspired – not by the flashy – but by the incredible inspiration that comes from hearing everyday people tell about their missional adventures that come as a result of following Jesus.

We would like to help you share your story with others through this website, blogs, eBooks, and many other ways. So, take a few moments and tell us your story!

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