What do artists, business leaders and community development advocates have in common? More than they might think.

At XEALOTS, we bring diverse groups together to learn from each other and collaborate on projects that change the future. We believe a convergence of talent and insight improves the process, the participants, and the final product. Frans Johansson from Harvard called this process “The Medici Effect.” He argues that this kind of convergence of domains was what catalyzed the Renaissance era. We believe the world is ready for a revolution like that again.

We are a nonprofit organization that helps Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Activists, Innovators and Artists discover their destiny and equip them with the resources they need to live it out.

The Xealot Way

The “Xealot Way” describes the unique, sometimes unconventional, values of this global tribe. We define success as planting seeds instead of starting movements and focus on collaboration instead of competition. The Xealot Way also acknowledges the reality of pain, struggling, and suffering, as well as the opportunity for these parts of life to transform our destinies and be a platform to serve others.

We are adventurers of the both/and, finding meaning in east and west, ancient and future. The commitment to Third Culture embraces discomfort as a way to grow; the passionate dedication to our journey unites us.

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