Verge Webcast Stream Test


Before You Test Your System:



Preview each video sample below:

[box type=”info” ]Silverlight Smooth Streaming: CLICK HERE to Preview[/box]

[box type=”info” ]Adobe Flash Streaming: CLICK HERE to Preview[/box]

Looks good?

Did the videos play completely (no skipping, buffering, loss of sound, etc.)?

If yes, you are ready for the Verge Webcast. Remember which video worked best on your computer.


If you could not see any of the videos or you had trouble seeing the videos, please continue:



Test Your Internet Connectivity: 

For  Silverlight Smooth or Flash Standard Quality, a 1 Mbps or greater download speed is recommended.

For Flash High Quality, 2 Mbps or greater is recommended. CLICK HERE to Test your speed.

Write down the Download Speed and Upload Speed numbers.

Still having problems after testing the stream? CLICK HERE and fill out the support form at the bottom.