5 Habits To Kill Apathy In Your Ministry

Leaders, artists, and writers thrive when they adapt healthy rhythms and habits. Here are FIVE HABITS that kill apathy and keep us flourishing in all the in-between-moments of life.

The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side

The call to ministry is a call to be a gardener; a green thumb who gets down and digs in the soil, planting and watering and nurturing and calling forth life where there is none.

How To Endure In Ministry

Noone ever intends to get burned-out, fail morally, or lose heart for people. But enduring in ministry is really difficult.

How To Experience Joy

Francis Chan reminds us to find joy even through the difficult times of ministry.

Downline Builder

The Downline Builder is a web-based resource that actually allows you to go on-line and customize discipleship curriculum so that the content you are using to disciple is personalized to the individual(s) you are discipling.