Leonce Crump

Leonce Crump II is the Lead Pastor of Renovation Church, a church committed to serving the city of Atlanta by loving people just as Jesus did. “If we wanted to plant a service, we could do that. But the city would stay exactly the way it is.” Renovation is a church that aims to share the gospel to help beautify Atlanta by glorifying the Lord.

Leonce has been in ordained ministry for 9 years, is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and holds Masters Degrees in Criminal Justice, with a focus on Case Law (University of Tennessee), Missional Leadership (Resurgence Theological Training Center), and is currently finishing his Masters of Divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary. A prodigious reader and engaging speaker, Leonce regularly speaks and preaches across the country at conferences and churches of all denominations.

Leonce and his wife Breanna have lived in the Grant Park community of Atlanta for nearly 3 years, and have two daughters. He enjoys boxing, MMA, studying theology, history, leadership, church structure and poetry. He likes soul music like Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, and Jimi Hendrix (the blues albums), working out, watching football, UFC, and rugby, playing with his daughters, hanging with the homeless dudes outside his loft and going to art shows.