Jeremy Story


Jeremy Story lives with his beautiful wife, Jenny and six children Joshua, Jonathan, Jordan, Joseph, Josiah, and Joanna just outside of New York City.  He is a proud graduate of the University of Texas.  While he was a student God gave him a vision for transformation of The University of Texas through prayer and partnerships between the ministries and churches involved there.  Since that time the percentage of the student body that is following Christ has doubled and the number of total people coming to Christ across the campus has increased five fold.

Over the past thirteen years he has worked to encourage and train Christian ministry and church leaders on campuses across the nation and world to fervently pray and work together to transform college students and the society these students graduate to lead.  Jeremy worked with hundreds of campuses and has personally traveled to over 40 states and worked on 5 continents towards this vision.  Along the way he has consulted with and trained CEO’s of collegiate non profits all the way to hundreds of local campus ministers.

God has given Jeremy a strong desire for mobilizing united prayer movements, college students, simple church planting movements, and uniting Christian leaders.  He is well versed in church history, revival history, and transformational stories of what God is currently doing across the world.  Jeremy loves to give people a bigger picture of God and a larger hope in what God can do in their lives, their community, and the world.

He currently serves as the President of Campus Renewal Ministries. Jeremy also serves on the Executive Committee of America’s National Prayer Committee.  He also serves on the Executive Board of Intercessors for America, a 35 year old organization that started the First Friday national fast in America.