One Day Workshops

This day of face-to-face, interactive sessions with some of the nation’s top thought-leaders and practitioners will transform your thinking about mission, discipleship and what it means to be the church. You’ll leave with next-step skills that will help move you toward health, multiplication and movement.

Choose from one of the following workshops:


1) Engaging in Gospel Communities on Mission Workshop

Speakers & Practitioners:

Hugh Halter, Michael Frost, Mike Breen, Dhati Lewis, Brandon Hatmaker, Dave Rhodes, Matt Smay, Lance Ford, Brad Brisco, Caesar Kalinowski, Seth McBee, Jorge Mendoza, William Branch, Ryan Hairston, Laura Hairston

Location: Hilton Garden Inn Downtown – 500 North IH 35, Austin TX 78701

Recently there’s been a greater interest and passion for making and multiplying disciples — for being the church on mission. But where do you start? If you are you new to Missional Communities – the vision, values, terminology and practices – then this is the track for you. In this session we will ask and answer:

      • What are Missional Communities?
      • How can we make and multiply disciples in our cities?
      • How can we be a family on mission?
      • How do we live with gospel intentionality in the places where we dwell, work & play?
      • What does it mean to have gospel-centered communities living on mission as the primary organizing structure of the Church?
      • How are missional communities different from traditional “small groups”?


2) Leading Kingdom Movements Workshop

Speakers & Practitioners:

Mike Breen, Michael Frost, Hugh Halter, Dave Rhodes, Matt Smay, Lance Ford, Brad Brisco, Caesar Kalinowski, Seth McBee, Dhati Lewis, Jorge Mendoza, William Branch

Location: Hilton Austin – 500 E 4th Street, Austin, TX 78701

The skill-set needed to start, grow, sustain and multiply a movement is quite different than the skill set needed to lead an institution. In this workshop seasoned missional leaders and practitioners will explore the realities of leading a movement, looking at the work of the leader as well as the practical mechanics of a movement, the foundations, principles and practices that need to be considered when leading people to participate in God’s mission more fully, including:

      • What are the key opportunities and barriers that come with leading a missional movement?
      • How do you sustain a missional posture so that every person lives on mission in community?
      • Why the Missional Conversation must change from Missio Dei to Missio Trinitatis
      • How do you build a framework that establishes a pathway for making disciples and developing leaders?


3) Leading Broken People on Mission Workshop

Speakers & Practitioners:

Jeff Vanderstelt, Paul Tripp, Steve Timmis

Location: AT&T Center – 1900 University Ave, Austin, TX 78705

What does it look like to lead broken people on mission? This session will explore the freedom of being broken before God and others and how leaders can find the care they need for their own souls. The church is made up of saints, sinners and sufferers to whom we’ve been given the ministry of reconciliation. It is messy, but it is a glorious mess while on mission.

This track will will answer questions like:

      • What does it look like to lead people on mission?
      • Who are the people we are leading on mission? How do we see them?
      • How do broken leaders lead broken leaders?
      • How do you move broken people towards mission?
      • What does holistic discipleship look like in the context of the church on mission?


4) Practical Steps for Missional Leaders & Church Planters Workshop

Speakers & Practitioners:

Matt Carter, JD Greear, Kevin Peck, Todd Engstrom, James Roberson

Location:  AT&T Center – 1900 University Ave, Austin, TX 78705

This workshop is designed for the missional leader and planter looking to take the next steps in leadership development and gospel planting. We’ll uncover the importance of every person living their life on mission in their everyday spheres of influence and learn how to discover those people in your church. We’ll work thru the importance of creating an intentional leadership/missionary development system & pipeline, to actually empowering these leaders for ministry in your church and sending some out to plant churches.

This workshop will answer questions like:

  • What does it look like to lead people on mission in community?
  • How do you develop strategy and systems to empower leaders for mission?
  • How do you discover leaders and planters in your church?
  • How does organizational structure create a backbone for leadership development and church planting?



What:  One-Day Workshops on Discipleship & Mission
Where:  Austin, TX
When:  Thursday, March 27
How Much:  $99

There is limited space and availability for each workshop. Register today before space fills up!