Free Stuff

Here are some free gifts that you can enjoy and share with your friends:


1. Free Downloads from The Gospel Project


2. Free Album Download by Propaganda – Art Ambidextrous


3. Free Book Chapter from A Meal With Jesus by Tim Chester


4. Free Book Chapter from Missional Communities by Reggie McNeal


5. Free Book Chapter from Radical by David Platt


6. Free Video from Francis Chan: On The Verge


7. Free Download: Missional Discipleship by Alan Hirsch


8. Free Article Download: When Justice And Mercy Collide by Bob Lupton


9. Free Download from Rumors of God by Jon Tyson


10. Free Download from Xealots by Dave Gibbons


11. Free eBook, Simple Ways To Be Missional


12. Free Download from Gospel-Centered Discipleship


13. Free Audio Download: Propaganda Live at Verge 2012


14. Free Download from The Permanent Revolution by Alan Hirsch


15. Free Download from Multiplying Missional Leaders by Mike Breen