Check out these short films that tell the stories of different Missional Communities from around the U.S.


Soma Communities: Tacoma, WA


Jeff Vanderstelt and his Missional Community at Soma Communities share their heart for wanting to see Jesus glorified in his neighborhood and all of Tacoma.


Renovation Church: Atlanta, GA


Leonce Crump and his Missional Community at Renovation Church talk about the joys and challenges of planting a church in a diverse neighborhood in Atlanta.


The Austin Stone Community Church: Austin, TX

Lawson and Paul talk about how God is using their Missional Community to make disciples in their current context with international students at The University of Texas at Austin.


A story of how discipleship and community can change a life.


STORYFRAMES – Missional Community Baptism

“You dont have to be a pastor or an elder to lead a missional community, preach the word, lead people to Christ, or baptize them.”


3 additional snapshots of Missional Communities from The Austin Stone.